Ferron City Business Licensing

 Regulatory Compliance

During the late 1860’s or early 70’s a government surveyor by the name of Augustus D. Ferron was sent under the homestead act to survey the area known as Castle Valley. The surveyor and his associates camped along the creek now know as Ferron Creek. As the tale goes, the men agreed to name the creek Ferron’s Creek after the surveyor if he would submit to a “dunking” in it. He agreed to the “dunking” and the creek became known as Ferron’s Creek. Ferron’s Town was settled a few years later and eventually the “s” was dropped and the town and creek became known as “Ferron”.
  • Listing ID: 1150
  • Specific Need: Government Requirements
  • County: Emery
  • Industry: Government
  • Business Stage: Inception / Idea
  • Business Type: Main Street